About Sitecast.com

A decade of helping folks expand their web presence with high-quality websites.

Originally launched in 2013, the team at Sitecast.com has been actively striving to make building websites fun.

Our team is fully remote and we love the freedom. You can find most of us in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin, Portland Oregon, and San Francisco. Why? Because we love the outdoors almost as much as we love technology.

Please feel free to connect with our founders, as they will enjoy hearing from you: Brad & Rubie Gauthier.

Sitecast Evolution

  • Our founder, Brad, built his first website for a client in 1998, at the adorable age of twelve.

  • Fifteen years and countless websites later, Sitebuilder.io is founded with the goal of creating the most user-friendly website builder available.

  • Sitebuilder.io launches one of the first cloud-based SSL-encryption deployment processes in the market.

  • The Sitebuilder.io team is accepted into a prestigious start-up accelerator in Portland, Oregon.

  • The team leverages machine learning to analyze colors and details from the content to automatically design beautiful website layouts.

  • Many cups of coffee later, the Sitebuilder.io vision transforms into Sitecast. And a far more powerful platform follows.

  • Based on user feedback, Sitecast transitions into a much more developer friendly platform while still focusing on clean user experiences.

  • Connecting to any third-party JavaScript API becomes a breeze with Sitecast's new add-on integrator system.

  • Sitecast moves from member to strategic technology partner with the start-up accelerator in Oregon.

  • In pursuit of unmatched uptime and security, sites built and deployed with Sitecast are completely serverless.

  • Sitecast publicly launches their cloud-based IDE for developers. Helpful tools are built-in to make it a powerful solution for rapidly deploying sites.

  • To further accelerate development, the team releases Sitecast Cloud. An on-demand server for previewing live-updates of code changes.

  • The team falls in love with video and launches YouTube Sitecast Sync. Allowing instant websites for YouTube Channels.

Going forward, the Sitecast team pledges to continually improve the way high-quality websites get built, compiled, and deployed to the web.

At Sitecast, we are confident the web will win.

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